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                         IT'S IN MY LONELYNESS...
It's in my lonelyness....
That i'm craving to express.
This rage consuming my heart,
Like a gag covering my mouth.
Forbiden me to share my sadeness...
To denounce humain kind hillness.
Money and power is all they shout!!!
If only I could shout them out!!!
Could we just erase and start over,
So that money lose all his power.
beginning by saving mother earth.
By giving love instead of hurt.
Feeding by what we seed,
because it's all we need.
Franklin, Washington even the queen, becames our gods.
Collecting ther faces show's what we're made of.
Even religion don't have is place anymore...
Control of humain mind is what they're searching for.
If adam was born from Eve's chest?
Would god be godess?
Would men have maternel instinct,
And all women there opinion's in politic.
Let's show our kids lots affection...
I'm telling you it's the world desease.
Let's show our kid's lots attention...
So all ther colors can be release.
My advice to next generation:
Your children are your life masterpeace.
Love your children is all it remains...
This pain whit no name crushing ther heart.
Drug is ther cure and why they start.
I'm telling you love is the only way to ease ther pains.
Treat them and cherish them like statues of gold...
Because when your life will be ending.
when you'll be sick, ugly and old,
Being alone will be whorst then dying.....
                                  TRAFFICANTE DE POESIE 2007



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