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Let me dream of him! Please let me dream!

Dream of us. Dream of our nights.

Even if I’m far away from him.

Even if it were his last flights.

I still hope he’s coming back.

So in his arms, again I can fall.

Even if he’s laughing behind my back,

because whit him I felt so tall.

They say distance does’nt matter.

But it does’nt make me feel better.

He say’s wait, soon we’ll be together.

But in doubts I stay so I’m looking at others.

Far from the eyes far from the heart...

Because he’s away because we’re apart.

Let him compares and touch other’s part.

Does’nt matter because I’m more smart!

People around me are saying "open your eyes!"

But they don’t know what happend between us.

They say that where he is he’ll find better than I!

But in my feelings I still trust.

So I’m still hoping and wishing.

Dreaming that we’re kissing.

Having my dog for caress craving.

That’s how I keep waithing.

Until I see him again,

to continue or to know the end.

Because I need to know if he’s my man.

Believing it’s not for nothing it happend.

Crazy we were acting like teens.

Felt like nothing could come between.

In his arms I felt like a queen.

What a feeling! You know what I mean.

So all I ask is for an other chance.

To know if it’s still that much intense.

To know the meaning of this non sense.

Or should I stop this romance.                              
                                                                                     Trafficante de poésies     janvier 2007

Ne pleure pas droopinette...xox

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droopynette 16/09/2007 12:31

thanks a lot my darling !
no cry, some smiles.....
i love you !
take care, for us, please....
don't forget him....