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Each drugs has is reason to be,

It’s the reasons they’re meant to be,

not beings with out a reason,

that are means.

Toxic substance, or natural

magic solution, sometimes essentials.

Fantastic world and magical.

Chronic pain, sadly it’s existential!

Don’t judge them and just pass by,

and please ask them why?

For me it’s easy I’m immunised to.

I received and gave, it’s love I’m addicted to.

Alcohol an invention strongly masculin,

turning a man into an animal.

Changing a woman as a felin.

Maybe funny at first but not feminin at all!

Why drown your self in anger,

plaid amnesia and never remember.

To much insults by a leak of vocabulary.

Showing our fist to fix it rapidly.

Each drugs has is reason to be,

it’s the reasons they’re meant to be,

not being with out a reason

that are mean.

Mary Jeanne sweet Mary Jeanne!

You grow in the fields like Marjolaine.

For thinking it’s you our conscience claim.

To create, the artist it’s you they proclaim.

Stimulating appetite and bringing to sleep.

You make us caught but happy you keep.

It’s not for youth or ambitious geek,

cause I must admit it makes you weak.

Cocaine when they’re sleepy here you come!

When whit your buddy the Alcohol dizzy they become.

You freeze emotions when there is an inside storm.

You’re a never ending story that’s the problem!

The looser’s self ego you enhance,

 you push people to confidence.

Turn them to liar’s to justify their expense.

Shooting or smoking coke is a mortal dependance.

They say for each pain there’s a pill.

But it’s your brain cell’s your burning still.

There is for those for dancing in their bubble they feel.

The lazy ones takes some  to spin they’re wheel.

Some slow need’s it to get more speed,

whit those substances other dimensions you can accede.

Beware of those minds battles fields,

those addictions are hard to heal.

Each drugs has is reason to be

it’s the reasons they’re meant to be,

not beings whit out a reason,

that are mean.

Magic mushroom, funny mushroom.

Our ancestor took you for their visions.

You make us laugh until suffocation.

Mixed whit Alcohol bring’s you to bad actions.

You cause panic and hallucinations.

It’s because you are toxic you are a poison.

It’s not tragic for some occasions.

It’s not magic it’s an intoxication.

Heroin,  of those who can’t stand the pain no more.

You’re smoothing life for those who want’s to die.

Suicidal thoughts, that’s what they’re shooting for.

Haven’t been love as a child.

Destroy them self slowly but surely.

Hopping to die quickly.

There’s an empty void crushing inside.

It's a leak of affection that they hide

So before judging and condemn those fools

have you been in there shoes.

There’s a reason why they abuse.

Until they know drugs are there only tools.

                                                                                                                            Trafficante de poesies 2007

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